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The purpose of the Holiday Home "Villa Tre Mari" is to offer its guests a serene and restful environment and provide an opportunity to rediscover human and Christian values, in a context of friendship and respect for the ideals of social and responsible tourism.

Each guest, upon entering the Holiday Home, implicitly declares to accept these purposes and to adhere to the rules indicated by this internal regulation for the smooth running of coexistence.

Common behavioral rules
I. The guest is kindly asked to show the utmost respect for the dignity of the house and for the preservation of the furniture provided. The Management will proceed for the immediate compensation of any damages and breakages caused by the guest, particularly to the furniture and related furnishings.
II. Considering the environment, the guest must behave respectfully towards all other users as well as towards the Religious Institute in charge and the other operators; in common areas, clothing must be modest and decent.
III. The Management is not responsible for goods or valuables left unattended by the guest in the rooms and common areas.
IV. The guest will take possession of the room on the day of arrival after 15:00; must vacate the room by 10:00 on the day of departure, and return the key.
V. Upon arrival, the guest will be identified by a valid identity document, so that all necessary legal requirements can be met. In case of absence, the Management will not allow access to the facility.
VI. Guests of the facility will avoid noise that may disturb peaceful coexistence, especially in the afternoon and evening hours.
VII. It is strictly forbidden to invite strangers into the rooms without first notifying the management. It is also prohibited to bring pets into the facility. Exceptionally, with the authorization of the management, small pets are allowed access as long as they are accompanied, do not disturb other guests, and do not stay in the internal common areas.
VIII. Smoking is prohibited inside the facility and rooms.
IX. In rooms and within the facility, it is not allowed to use gas cylinders, stoves, heaters, kettles, irons. Nor to introduce and/or consume food brought from outside.
X. During the stay, parking for guests' cars is allowed freely and free of charge, as a mere courtesy and within limited capacity, in designated internal spaces, with the express exclusion of any obligation or duty of custody by the facility, which assumes no responsibility for any damages.
XI. The guest is required to observe the following hours:
• Breakfast from 8:00 to 10:00
• Take-away lunches must be requested by 10:00
• Aperitif upon request from 18:00 to 20:00
• Dinner from 20:00 to 21:00
XII. The Management can be reached at any time at the following contact:
The Management will be closed from 14:30 to 17:30 
XIII. Room cleaning is done daily, and in any case at the change of guest.
XIV. Linen change is done once a week and in any case at each change of guest. An additional linen change can be requested at an extra cost.
XV. It’s forbidden tread on the dunes to damage, cut, remove the vegation “ORDINANZA BALNEARE DISCIPLINA DELLE ATTIVITA’ ESERCITABILI SUL DEMANIO MARITTIMO”

Sulle spiagge e negli specchi acquei riservati alla balneazione È VIETATO b) lasciare, oltre il tramonto del sole, sulle spiagge libere, ombrelloni, sedie a sdraio, tende o altre attrezzature comunque denominate; d) l’abbandono, l’interramento e la discarica, sia a terra che a mare, di ogni tipo di rifiuto e/o altri materiali f) creare in qualsivoglia maniera impedimenti pregiudizievoli alla fruizione da parte dei soggetti diversamente abili; g) articolo 1 lett. g). E’ sempre vietata la sosta e/o l’occupazione, ancorché temporanea, nonché il calpestio delle dune e della relativa vegetazione. Per dune si intendono accumuli sabbiosi situati nell’area retrostante la spiaggia, disposti parallelamente alla linea di costa, di forma irregolare dipendente dalla direzione dei venti dominanti.


Any communications or complaints must be submitted to the Management of the Holiday Home at the following contacts: +39.070.797067 | +39.347.1569063 | info@villatremari.it

Rules on guests' safety and health

Upon entering the holiday home, the guest must be informed about the procedures to follow in case of emergency and fire prevention. For the proper functioning of the service, guests are required to report any anomalies, breakdowns in the systems, movements of unknown individuals, and to facilitate the staff in carrying out their duties. Any requests or observations should be addressed to the Management. For service, safety, and maintenance needs, the Management has a spare key for each room and the staff, in case of necessity and urgency, may enter the rooms, even to check compliance with the rules contained in this regulation. Therefore, the installation of locks different from the existing one is not allowed. A first aid kit is available at the Concierge, the custody and use of which are delegated to the appointed personnel. To protect the health of all guests, the staff is prohibited from dispensing any medication.

Vico dei Cedri 4, Loc. Campulongu, 09049 Villasimius
t: +39.070.797067 | m: +39.347.1569063 | e: info@villatremari.it

cod. IUN n° E1005


Codice Fiscale 95008300634 P.Iva 04169450634




Use this space to write your website texts. Remember to eliminate all that is superfluous and anything that does not add anything new to your texts

Use this space to write your website texts. Remember to eliminate all that is superfluous and anything that does not add anything new to your texts

Use this space to write your website texts. Remember to eliminate all that is superfluous and anything that does not add anything new to your texts

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